Executive Leaders Masterclass. July 20 – 21, Dublin, Ireland.

Speed and complexity; these two global trends are impacting leaders everywhere!  Leaders also experience increasingly vocal stakeholders, impacts from events far away, larger networks of influence, and a greater sense of not being in control.  This reality can be exhilarating but it can also be tiring, frustrating, and disruptive.  And, it affects all in the organization. Why are we surprised that anxiety levels are high? While there is no single right response, there are insights and skills that you can learn that overturn conventional responses and give you more, not less, control in leading in today’s world.

This two-day seminar is led by Sandra Janoff, director of Future Search Network and co-author of Lead More, Control Less: 8 Advanced Leadership Skills that Overturn Convention.  You will learn a philosophy, principles and actions that produce superior results while reducing your need to control. You will enhance your freedom of action, self-confidence and authority with the people who depend on you. These skills will support the way you work with the diverse groups and complex problems. You will explore how to enable people to work smarter from their own initiative and free yourself to focus on leading for success.

In her work around the world, Sandra discovered that she could get better results by helping people coordinate and control their own work rather than by issuing orders from above. This leads to higher motivation, greater creativity and longer-lasting results than more traditional practices. These lessons are brought together with real world experiences to create a unique and long lasting seminar.

Dublin photo by: Hans-Peter Bock

Programme Details

July 2016: Wednesday 20, Thursday 21 09.00 to 17.00

Royal College of Surgeons, Dublin, Ireland

1200 euros
Inclusive of tuition fees, materials, lunch, refreshments

Bursaries available – please contact to find out more

What people say about Lead More: Control Less

Jesper Brodin

“Controlling people never makes great things happen. I have found that applying the principles in this course takes patience, time and imagination. The result is always rewarding and well worth the effort.”

Jesper BrodinGlobal Head of Range and Supply, IKEA

“In fast changing world leadership has never been more important. Many are confusing control for moving an organization or corporation forward with collaboration, communication and greater excitement(or energy) and buy-in. This workshop provides 8 very practical skills, deeply rooted in theory and tested in many contexts. Those (nearly 50) attending found immediate application.”  Brian Roberts, MDiv, MBA Atlantic City New Jersey-USA

Brian Roberts, MDiv, MBA Atlantic City New Jersey-USACourse Participant, 2016
“The self-awareness focus of this training hones in on facets of leadership that are crucial yet rarely addressed so effectively. I found it immensely helpful.”
Beth CaulfieldParticipant, 2016